About Us

The Historiographers began life on social media back in 2012. They formed as a group that would share interesting history articles and details of upcoming events from various heritage groups and organisations between its members.

In late 2016, the group made the decision to produce their first short documentary ‘He Who Fathered Christmas’, which was awarded semi-finalist at the Sydney Indie Film Festival in 2017.

During last year’s lockdowns, the group produced a podcast/video series about the more peculiar parts of history entitled ‘Past Quirks’ in an effort to promote and raise money for various charities and heritage groups.

Now, the Historiographers have decided to undertake their first live fundraising events as a group…and they need your support to make these successful.


What We Are Doing

Our ultimate goal is to create a national heritage centre intended for the benefit, education and enjoyment of enthusiasts, charities and academics alike.

The initial stage of this ambitious project involves making connections with heritage groups on a local level.

Inevitably the pandemic has hit Britain's heritage industry hard. Recently we have been working in partnership with small communities, helping to bolster tourism to some truly incredible historical sites, which don’t benefit from the same level of publicity as more well-known national sites. This also provides a valuable platform to spread the word of the ‘Historiographers Heritage’ project to interested parties.

By hosting daytime and evening events in localities throughout the UK, we will raise money for specific historical sites that don’t receive the funding that they need or deserve. As well as helping to promote local initiatives these events will provide us with an opportunity to share and discuss ideas, helping us to develop our vision.

By bringing local and national historical societies and organisations together, under the same roof and focusing on specific time periods and localised history we aim to bridge the gap between populist and academic history.
At these events enthusiasts can enjoy talks from a variety of guest speakers, who will themselves have the opportunity, to make connections with other like-minded individuals and groups.

Whether through financial donations or even by sharing our work online, you can help us create the dream that is the 'Historiographers Heritage.'

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