The Georgian & Regency Tour of Lancaster

The year is 1803. Farmer George has never visited his duchy of Lancaster but do not let that stop YOU. Lancaster is a town bustling with inns, a busy port, established market and the summer assizes...but it's also 'the hanging town.'

Amidst an air of classical respectability, this is a town with sinister origins and its own criminal underworld.

Explore Lancaster as it enters the modern age...but beware coachmen of ill repute.

Meet 'Johnny' Eccleston, coachman of the 'Perseverance' and your guide.

Tom Hudson,Lancaster Georgian and Regency tour guide

The Tour (new to 2022)

A stroll into the past

Explore Lancaster through the eyes of those working its roads, admiring beautiful historic buildings as you hear tales of its everyday industries, entertainments and conflicts.

Connect replica items and imagery with the real, everyday stories of Lancaster's citizens from all walks of life.

Learn fascinating local facts, from a professional, costumed guide, whilst walking the historic streets of Lancaster...a district boasting over thirteen hundred listed buildings and structures.


Your Guide

Tom Hudson is an Oxford graduate, with over a decade's worth of experience working within heritage. He has guided in Surrey, Kent, Lancashire and Cheshire since 2013.


"Back in London now but thank you so much for your tour of Lancaster yesterday. Christine and I really enjoyed it. You spoke well and clearly even tho in character and linked up for me many of the buildings I had noticed as I walked to and fro. It's a really good enterprise and I wish you luck."


"I left the tour determined to research and find out more about the life and time of the people. So more reading for the coming winter months." 


"Having some one to lead you and explain things that occurred or may not have occurred, around the period of history involved in the tour, is both entertaining and enlightening." 

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